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¿Qué son los Resultados de Búsqueda Orgánicos o en inglés Organic Search Results SEO?

Los resultados de búsqueda orgánicos (SEO) son los resultado que un motor de búsqueda en internet como Google, Yahoo, Aleksa, etc., entrega basado en su software o algoritmo que decide lo que es relevante al término que se está buscando en internet. The list of websites are displayed in order of relevance (and a few other small weighted factors). Search providers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others constantly refine and change the criteria that makes up their algorithms and so in turn companies and so called SEO (search engine optimisation) specialists are very often fumbling in the dark. Happily however, the basics of what search engines like and what they don’t like remain quite constant and so with experience we get to learn the basics of playing the results game with the search engines. Our web design is SEO friendly straight out of the box.

Why do I need SEO? I’ve paid a web designer a lot of money to design my website!

Web designers are often just graphic designers! Don’t get me wrong, I can design a website that will get you to the top of the results but it wont be the prettiest website as i’m no graphic design specialist. Graphic Designers know how to design a website that looks pretty but from my experience very few know how to make the search engines “like” the new website. Adrian Newey has designed some of the most successful cars in F1 racing for Mclaren and now Red Bull racing, put my Gran in one however and it wont win races, The cars he builds are the best in the world but they need a talented driver to get them across the finish line in 1st place. Happily for me and you website design has shifted over the past couple of years. I design CMS (Content management system) type sites like the one you are viewing now. The flashy type of website favoured by graphic designers are now less common as they aren’t terribly search engine friendly (See this article less is morefor further information) All websites however regardless of if they are CMS based or designed by a graphic designer on a design program such as Dreamweaver can all benefit from SEO.

Ok, well I’ve already had a website designed so what do I do next?

Well what I would always suggest is to start with a simple list. Take a look at your product or service that you are promoting on your website. Write down your products starting with the main ones, For instance “widgets” then write down the area in which you wish to sell your products, for instance Wigan or St Helens, are you a small company that only covers a small geographical area or do you supply products to the whole world? Next, write down the benefits to your products and company for instance “Smallest Widget”, “Next Day Delivery” “Cheapest Widget”. What you have just created is a keyword list.  A list of words that when they appear together in a search query ( key phrase) should trigger the search engine to consider your website in the results that are displayed.  Now comes the tricky part and that is, competing with all the other websites that want a bite of the cherry. This is where I come in. There are methods being used by high pressure SEO companies to cheat their way to the front page. I can assure you that search engines aren’t stupid. Don’t entrust your business website to someone who promises you first place within a week. Search Engines have software known as spiders that crawl websites. This software is highly developed and pretty much knows every trick in the book. A popular scam used to be to hide hundreds of keywords on a page by using white text on a white background. Such a practice is frowned upon by search engines and will more than likely see your website demoted right down the results list for abuse. Another mistake made by website owners and SEO “specialists” is to get as many links as possible. Too many links on sites known as link farms and you’ll hurt your rank again. If you don’t know what the search engines look at when they see a link to your website then you may as well not bother getting the link in the first place. You have to remember what Google™ aims to deliver and that is quite simply “relevant results”. Remember this when doing any on site or off site SEOwork and you wont go far wrong. Your website needs designing so to have the right keyword density, easy to understand URLs , clear navigation, accurate meta descriptions, relevant content, correctly formatted images, quality links and much more. The more you get this right, the higher the search engines will “rank” your website. The more you get it wrong and your rank will be lowered. You have a few choices here. You can either

  1. Stick your fingers in your ears and repeat la, la, la, and miss out on what the internet can bring to your business
  2. Devote your time to learning about SEO and get someone in to run your business whilst you develop your websites visibility
  3. Employ the services of someone who has years of trial and error experience in producing organic results and getting your website to rank on page one of the search results.

So why should I use you to SEO or design my website?

No reason really! You don’t know the first thing about me, I might be a complete fraud sat in the sun somewhere on a laptop. Equally so, you don’t know the person who phoned you last week with a cheeky voice from an unknown office somewhere promising to get your website to page one of the search results. The difference between us is that I will come and meet you at your place of work or home (assuming of course that you are in the North West). I’ll talk through your requirements with you and discuss how we will achieve results. If you aren’t in the North West UK I’m still happy to discuss how I can help you with a new web designor SEO services and we can communicate by phone, email or Skype. I’m not part of a huge company, There’s just me. SEO andWebsite Design is something I’ve learned whist running businesses for years in other sectors. I retired aged 40, I took a couple of years off and then the boredom set in. A friend asked me to take a look at his website to see if I could improve its performance any. I was glad to have something to do to be honest, He was so pleased he told a couple of friends about the results. I now have a handful of clients who each pay a modest fee and I run their SEO, I update their website content, monitor the competition and ensure that they maintain a first page position and do another few tricks that I’ve learned that I wont disclose here in case their competitors get wind of it and copy it! I’m based in St Helens, Merseyside and so can easily come to see you at your place of work in St Helens, Wigan, Warrington and Widnes. You can search Google (as you perhaps did to find me) and see for yourself that I rank on page one. Search for “Website SEO Merseyside” and see where I am in the search results. A few of my clients wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons however a couple have kindly allowed me to use their websites as examples. I can provide more examples by email but my clients prefer for me not to publish them online. I can’t disclose all the Website SEO techniques that I use in the interests of client confidentiality or all of the keywords. Read my other Web pages that cover some SEO case studies about how I have helped company websites to get to the top of the search results in St Helens, Wigan Merseyside , Cheshire and Manchester. Click here to see how SEO can help your website get to the top of the search results

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